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The University of Health and Performance is a leadership, health and fitness education center. Located on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas, the 500-acre campus offers world class facilities surrounded by creeks, rivers, bluffs, and the Ozark Mountains. Campbell Creative partnered with UHP on a unique client experience video capturing the sights and sounds from a executive leadership retreat. The client ask was to tell the narrative of a team growing and training together followed by a 12 hour video edit turnaround to present before the team left to go home. The clients featured included the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team and Workshop APD.


The Videos

Our experiences with UHP were wild. From riding side-by-sides at 60MPH to piloting a drone with bald eagles flying around, we were kept on our toes. Both projects mirrored each other with 12 hours of filming followed by a 24-hour turnaround edit. Our shot listed consisted of shooting fast-moving workouts, team-building activities, lectures, meals, and group sessions. We flip-flopped between going handheld with our RED Raptor to running beside the team as they drove sleds with our RED Dragon on the FreeFly Movi gimbal. We also mixed using our FPV drone and cinematic drone for some tight and wide shots. It was a fun and demanding project all around. Among the notable shots we loved capturing... shooting a group of crows (birds) flying at 120FPS, capturing the group cold plunge into the river at 8 am while it was 30 degrees outside, and the team workouts inside the gym. We also got to capture quick interviews with the coaching and executive team documenting their experience in real-time - a very personal and intentional approach to telling the story of team transformation. Overall, it was a fantastic project with a lot of gorgeous footage in the end.

Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays brought their top 20 prospects to the University of Health and Performance for a 3 day training retreat. The goal of the retreat was to provide an environment for the athletes to focus on their personal development, mindset, and attention to details. With obstacle courses, team competitions, as well as baseball specific workouts, the week was filled with very intentional purpose. The mission of our video was to document the intense training these athletes go through to get ready for the season. We did this by filming in a documentary style with a lot of slow motion and cinematic footage.

Workshop APD

Workshop APD is an architectural firm located in New York City. They brought their top 25 executives for a culture and team-building retreat. Our videography mission was to capture the transformation of their team as they built unity and trust in one another. Over time, we were able to capture the story of a team growing closer and becoming unified in their pursuit of delivering excellent design work.


The deliverables were simple, a 3 minute video with voice over and b-roll from the retreat. Additionally, the first round of edits were due in within 12 hours so they could show the executive team a highlight reel of their experience before flying out to head home. It was an emotional and bonding experience that was able to be captured with professionalism and quality execution - a direct reflection of the excellence brought by the UHP team.