Campbell Creative is an award-winning and multi-disciplinary agency that started by accident in 2017 when Sean Campbell started helping his friends market their small businesses. More than 6 years later, Campbell Creative has gained national award recognition and now serves Fortune 500 companies and clients from around the world.

From the start, we wanted to build a disrupting value-based agency model - a model that focused on honoring God, working ethically, and serving people radically.

Our team is a carefully selected, well-oiled, tightly-knit team of talented and servant-minded creatives who love supporting, enhancing, and amplifying our clients. Our roster of creatives come with an amazing background of experience from working on Super Bowl commercials, film sets, and TV shows, to working for Disney, ESPN, Walmart, WWE, Hillsong, Nickelodeon, Sam's Club, and more.

Why work with us?


We're not a great fit for everyone. Here's why.

Sometimes we’re stubborn.

We refuse to compromise our values, no matter what. We work ethically, serve radically, honor everyone, and obsess over excellence.

We’re kind of expensive.

Yup. You read that right. We don’t do cheap or fast work simply because we aim to create service-centered experiences built on relationships, collaboration, and thoughtful design.

We like to snuggle up.

We strive to go beyond design by making people our focus. We do this by integrating ourselves into your team and adopting your vision, needs, objectives, clients, and culture. We like to think of ourselves as your fractional creative department.

We move like sherpas.

Sherpas are thoughtful about where they place their feet. We are too. We vet our clients. We don’t work with jerks. We don’t do transactional marketing. We prefer to take our time because accuracy on all levels maximizes output, time, and ROI.

Our Creatives


Our Recognitions

2 Telly Awards for Creative Director
Leadpages Converstion Marketing Certified
Advanced Web Ranking
Mailchimp Expert
Google Analytics Certified Professional
Clickfunnels Certified
Facebook Blueprint Certification
Google AdWords Certified Professional
Copywriting Academy Certified

Campbell Creative has been recognized nationally with various awards for work in video production, web design, and public relations. Some of these awards include Telly (Video & Television), Davey (Web Design), and SilverLink (Public Relations) awards.

Video Production
Telly Award Gold
Telly Award Silver
Emmy Nomination
UX & Web Design
Davey Award Gold
Davey Award Gold