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Pure Life Water, a sub-business of Blue Trident Brands, is a water company committed to healthy hydration for all. Our project with Pure Life came in partnership with our friends at The University of Health and Performance, a fitness school for veterans. We partnered on behalf of both Pure Life and UHP to capture content surrounding their sponsorship of veterans training at The University of Health and Performance to be certified health coaches and instructors.


The University of Health and Performance program is a specialized educational program taking veterans who are already highly skilled and equipping them with the tools, training and knowledge to help others change their lives through fitness coaching. Veterans experience a 3 week course in which they experience and learn the principles they will teach to their clients as coaches. THIS holistic experience of veterans training intensely for 3 consecutive weeks is part of what Campbell Creative captured on video as Pure Life proudly supported and generously donated scholarships to veterans in this program.

The Testimonials

Our program testimonials centered around 4 amazing veterans each with their own story and journey to finding UHP. From Robert, a BlueTrident employee and veteran, to Edward, currently serving in the National Guard... the impact of PureLife in sending veterans to UHP to equip them as coaches was evident. Community, life change, and transformation were clear indicators of success as each veteran shared. The brand and impact of PureLife was clearly making a real difference by giving back and supporting the UHP vision of equipping veterans.

The Product Shots

The Campbell Creative team also captured some natural product shots in the hands of the veterans throughout the week. Nothing was staged as each shot was organic. The vision from the start was to showcase the product authentically as it was used for hydration and refueling. A truthful and impactful approach to product social marketing.

The Photography

Campbell Creative also took still photos around the campus, the veterans, and the product showcasing the blend of a generous brand within a special community. Photos were used for digital ads, website, and social marketing initiatives.


For final deliverables, Campbell Creative delivered several videos in long form and short form for social reels. Each video was used across various platforms that included website, social media, and even the use of a special QR code on each case of PureLife water featuring the UHP story and partnership.