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Phonebox is a sonic branding, custom music and audio strategy agency located in Bentonville, AR. From developing custom music to audio logos, their company is focused on helping brands create memorable audio experiences and sound strategies. Campbell Creative helped them develop a new website to showcase their brand and work. Their vision for this product was simple: sexy, sleek, and keep things clean. And we did just that!


The Build Strategy

Our first step was to do our homework... so we did what anyone would do and spent some time researching music agencies from around the world. We learned a lot and discovered that the biggest obstacle was helping people understand the need for a music agency. The problem that music agencies solve is bridging the gap so that branding and marketing can truly connect and bring authentic emotion to the audience through a tailored sound. We took this information to heart as we built the site and immediately began processing how we could utilize the website build to highlight this problem and solution. The message for the site was to communicate one big thing: custom music with a strategy can significantly transform any brand and help any advertising or marketing effort better connect with the audience.

Key Website Features

There were a handful of really unique web design features to the Phonebox site. Our first objective was to make the site really "pop" from the start by using the red colors and phone booth imagery. We captured this with lots of red accents around the site... subtle, but just enough color to attract (or rather) demand attention.

We also wanted the site to feel like a transformative experience, symbolistic to the Phonebox brand experience as a whole. So we carefully selected animation and structured the movement to make the site feel like a very immersive presentation. Notably, we created a section with a horizontal scroll, image rotations, background videos, and icons for each service.

One unique section for the site was actually spelling out the problem (or pain point) and the solution that Phonebox brings. By designing a simple and clear way of describing the need for their services, the potential client can clearly see the path of services presented.


Upon launch, we received nothing but enthusiastic feedback from the team at Phonebox agency. Additionally, their first impressions after going to market were glowing and positive of their new branding.