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When first getting to know Ozark Custom Doors, it was obvious from the start that a luxurious and a "high end" presentation was essential for their marketing and design. Their doors are custom and handmade, using only the finest wood and materials, with the highest level of craftsmanship and carpentry putting all of it together. Thus, a well thought-out branding was essential to reflect their product quality. Additionally, we knew that the majority of shoppers would be homemakers interested in a more traditional farmhouse style, so the messaging and feel needed to speak "country luxury." 


The Colors and Style

The project began by intentionally designing a new logo and selecting a color pallet that would speak to our target shopper: middle aged homemakers. We ended up with a soft peach, light tan, and a navy blue combined with two fonts, Monserrat and a custom hand-drawn typography for headers.  

The Images

Next, we brought in our friend from Chroma photography, Mark Jackson, to help us capture both product and lifestyle images of the doors. Our ultimate goal was to showcase the craftsmanship and customization up close. We did this by taking pictures of the doors from start to finish in their production. Additionally, we loved staging the doors outside with pear trees, an amazing 1920's Ford Model T truck, and with rugged scenery.

The Website

For the web design, we knew we wanted our base style to include a scents of a heritage, vintage or timeless feeling - perfect imagery match for the hopeful quality of the doors - something beautiful that would could be handed down and used for generations. We then strategized about using lots of textures to reflect this all over the website such as hand-drawn typography, flowers, and pine trees. Additionally, we wanted to provide a variety of opportunities to showcase the doors with both intentional product placement as well as lifestyle (what we called "doors in the wild").

The Video

In addition to shooting lifestyle images, we also decided it would be fun to shoot some staged B-roll for the website header background to show more of the story of how the doors were made. In just a few hours of shooting, we walked away with a gold-mine of rich video scenes. Some of our favorite moments included shooting our RED camera at 120 frames per second in slow-mo as we captured wood chips flying, hammering, dogs running, horse back riding, and other amazing images of the door production and farmhouse lifestyle. As always, video is one of our favorite ways to tell a great story.


When all was said and done we handed over: a new messaging system, images, videos, a new logo, a new brand guide, and a new website. All a beautiful reflection of the Ozark Custom Doors brand and product quality. As a result of the website, Ozark Custom Doors has been able to grow their business nationally with orders from around the U.S.!