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mOOkstr is a data, analytics, and development company located in Rogers, AR. When first visiting with the mOOkstr team, it was apparent they had great success with being the backend data team for a number of large CPG and consumer brands. However, as with any specialty profession, there were obstacles to explaining their work, results, and difference to outsiders. We collaborated with their team on a fresh rebrand - starting with their message, their website, and their marketing and sales strategy - culminating in an awesome finished product.



The core message of mOOkstr is helping their clients use their data for success. With vast amounts of data from shopper and sales analytics, making good decisions can be a tough go without effective data management. We spent time with their executive team walking through the Storybrand framework and whiteboarding the key pain points they fix and solutions they offer. Our final result was a clear and concise message framework and a clearer organization of their services.

Website Design

Next up was the website. Built completely from scratch on Webflow, we designed the website with the intentional use of white space and rounded corners. We also used various inspirational ideas consisting of a "living breathing organism" and custom animation to highlight the idea that data and coding is an always-changing environment. We also enjoyed incorporating the mOOkstr mascot and team culture cartoons as a fun way of expressing their unique personality as data specialists and developers. From custom dashboards to boutique data applications, the new mOOkstr website is an accurate reflection of their diverse and yet specialized service offering.


Our last step in rebranding was capturing their lively team and their amazing offices in Rogers. We took professional headshots and architectural photos of their workplace. We even captured some team pets and their secret lair workshop.


Working with the mOOkstr team was an absolute pleasure as we learned about their business. From top to bottom, their company is well equipped to handle any custom data or analytics project imaginable. Now that they have a fresh message and website, their capabilities are louder than ever.