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J Street Gym is an old-school, bodybuilding, physique-worshipping community of athletes and laypeople committed to wholistic health and fitness. When we first engaged with the J Street Team, we knew we had an explosive project on our hands. With more than 30 years of history as a classic bodybuilding gym, we knew we needed to reflect their unique culture with musk, vibrancy, ruggedness, and yet class. At the same time, we needed to rewrite the story of their gym as taking a new turn under new committed ownership. Our challenge was clear: a new logo, a new style, a new website, and new message. Same culture of gym excellence, but with different leadership.


The Message

"More than just a workout." From the start, the message needed to communicate that this is not your average gym. J Street is for the brave, the bold, the committed to body torture and sculpting. Those who value weight lifting know the value of old school plate loaded equipment and a culture where taking your shirt off during your workout is the norm. We simplified the gym message to display the culture of body building and performance. Simple words and simple message, but with deep meaning.

The Website

The website design started with an amazing image/inspiration board of Arnold, Strongman, Mr. Universe, and other classic inspirations. We then narrowed our focus down to the appeal of a concrete floor, metal clanging, and heavy breathing - all captured in the look and feel of a rugged design. With a custom font, combined with bright red and a dark black background, the website centered around a clean flow. We also added a cinematic video background of various weight lifters to put off a dramatic hardcore feel of the gym. Lastly, with simple animation and a sleek mobile design, the website development was complete.

The Logo

Our logo design took it's inspiration from our image board of Arnold, Mr. Universe, and the classic body-builders of the world. With old-school barbells as the centerpiece, we wanted a logo that could be easily branded and recognized on merch, signage, and social media. After a few rounds of edits and iterations, we settled on the J and S combined in the logo and disguised as a barbell.


The feedback from The J Street team after our project, "Sean and his team at Campbell Creative have done so much for our businesses - we were stuck without the direction provided by CC, but have seen our business catapulted to the next level through our partnership.  I can’t say enough about the impact CC has had on our businesses and recommend them to anyone needing help moving their businesses forwarded.  Thank you Sean et al for everything you’ve done for us!!!"