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High Impact is a full service agency that specializes in Walmart & Sam's Club omni channel solutions. From helping a brand get in with Walmart, to delivering detailed dashboards and analytical reports, High Impact helps businesses grow and thrive at Walmart. Our first engagement with High Impact began after the hire of a new growth officer. Immediately, they knew they wanted to attack a rebrand with a new logo and a new website.


Storybrand Messaging

Before we even went to the drawing board on design, we spent significant time with the High Impact team reviewing their mission, vision, and business strategy. We took them through the Storybrand Framework to clarify their message. And finally, we took a lot of time polling their team to make sure we knew exactly what their expectations were for a new, fresh, brand design. We also spent some time with a few of their clients so we could understand their market and how they fulfill their client's needs.

Logo Design

The logo design was a fun process. First, we whiteboarded out our ideal logo qualifications. Clean, vibrant, simple, and modern. We also took time intentionally asking ourselves, "what would make this logo display who we are?" From the colors to the typography, we thoughtfully crafted a design brief and narrative. Next, we employed one of our favorite strategies, 99designs. 99 Designs is a wonderful platform where designers from all over the world can submit submissions and compete for your work through a round of submissions. We selectively use 99 designs, but in some cases, if it fits the client, we go this route to optimize design options and time. We went through 99 Designs over a period of two weeks, combing through more than 300 logo submissions and revisions. We finally landed on an amazing design that looks great in multiple applications. A clean "H" with reverse white space and a vibrant gradient showcasing a modern and sleek techy look.

Brand Guide

Upon delivery of the logo, we focused on an intentional brand guide. As with most brand guides, the purpose is to set the path for how the brand should use its colors, logos, fonts, and more. It's the rules of engagement for how to market and display the brand. We delivered a 25 page detailed brand guide to help the High Impact team set a new standard for the brand as a whole.

Website Design

Before initiating our website design process, we took the High Impact team through the Storybrand Framework. This Framework was helpful to guide the High Impact team through their own purpose, services, and message.... and laid the groundwork for the design and function of the website. We also performed significant market research to compare and contrast other great brands in the technology and analytics space. Our mission was clear, build a very technology-centric, animated and simplified website. Our initial wireframe evolved over time as we learned more about High Impact and their growing solutions. Several fun pieces of the website included building a custom sidebar, a beautiful scrolling services section, and some classy animation. From the home page to the services page, there is a clear path of Storybrand... problem, solution, happy ending. We are very proud of the hard work High Impact did to capture their brand through excellent copy and message delivery!


In addition to the website, we initiated a photoshoot for the entire staff. We captured professional headshots as well as lifestyle shots of their team during a meeting. Our amazing Profoto lighting did a prenominal job of capturing smiles, personalities, and characters.


After working with High Impact, a clear and conscious change happened. High Impact went from an analytics company to a thriving brand with a clear message leading their industry. Feedback from the brand reset has been extremely positive with many people taking High Impact more seriously for their services and expertise. As a result of the design work, High Impact has expanded their reach and is growing at an exponential rate.