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Copeland Development and Construction Company is a world-class development company in the midwestern United States. Based out of Chillicothe and Kansas City, their company has built everything from banks, to shopping centers, to churches, to supermarkets. Their quality of quality service has built a reputation for building excellence for more than 30 years. When first engaging with the Copeland team, it was clear their biggest desire was for the website to match the quality of their work, company values, and reputation. Our biggest problem was that their website and marketing had not been updated for nearly 10 years. Campbell Creative partnered with CDCC to capture their work through photography, drone, and eventually a website.


The Photography

Creating an amazing Real Estate Development portfolio starts with having mind-blowing images. Vibrant, breathtaking, wide angle, and especially from the right perspective. For two days, we drove all over Kansas City capturing the work of Copeland Development from both on the ground and in the air. We photographed banks, retail centers, restaurants, coffee shops, convenient stores, churches, grocery stores, warehouse buildings and more. We also added some great finishing touches such as sky replacement, photoshopping blemishes, and adding pops of color. Additionally, we captured portraits of their entire team, including their company dog! 

The Website

In addition to taking photos, we worked with the Copeland team to design a website that would display their work proudly. Anchored by their new real estate images, we build the website around the idea of showcasing the detail and quality of each real estate and construction project. From bold headers to pops of their company colors, the user experience is also met with complimentary animation to help draw their eyes down the page. We also enjoyed taking the time to carefully articulate the build narrative of approaching each and every project through the lens of being responsible with the land/location/function while also meeting tight deadlines and budgets.


After working with the Copeland team, we were able to accomplish our mission of helping to reset their brand. From images, to a new messaging narrative, to a new website, the Copeland Development and Construction brand was improved all the way around. Copeland is now uniquely positioned to attract more high quality clients such as world-class retailers, chains, and household establishments.