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C4 Energy, a brand of Cellucor, is a energy and pre-workout company specializing in fitness products. From energy drinks to powders, C4 has built a reputation for being a well-known brand among athletes, crossfitters, influencers, gyms, and the likes. Our project with C4 Energy came in partnership with our friends at The University of Health and Performance, a fitness school for veterans. We partnered on behalf of both C4 and UHP to capture content surrounding their sponsorship of veterans training at The University of Health and Performance to be certified health coaches and instructors.


The heart and soul of The University of Health and Performance program is taking veterans who are already highly skilled and equipping them with the tools, training and knowledge to help others change their lives through fitness... However, before taking others on that journey, the veterans themselves must go through their own intense course of self-discovery, training and coaching. They must go through and become students before taking on the role of master. THIS holistic experience of veterans training intensely for 3 consecutive weeks is part of what Campbell Creative captured on video.

The Testimonials

Part of getting authentic and real testimonials is asking the right questions... questions that activate the mind, body, and soul. We were fortunate to visit with a handful of amazing veterans to ask them about their experience at UHP and how the sponsorship by C4 was going to enable them to change many lives. Veteran after veteran testified about the power of the campus, the community, and the course. From world class coaches to the best fitness equipment money can buy, the experience at UHP was evident in the lives of the veterans we caught on camera. And, we knew by the power of the generosity of C4 that many of these veterans would be going on to become radical world-changers by helping regular people pursue their health and fitness goals.

The Product Shots

In addition to shooting some amazing b-roll around the workouts and some amazing interviews, we were also tasked with capturing some of the C4 product around the campus and in the hands of the veterans. From veterans using the C4 pre-workout powder to the refrigerated energy drinks, we spent time styling the product in a variety of ways. We turned the lights off, we turned up the red and blue, floated around the product with our Movi-Pro Gimbal, and we even used some workout chalk as a haze. We also staged some of the product with veterans around the facility to capture the C4 brand in it's natural habitat - in the hands of every day people trying to get the most out of their workout. The result; some sexy glamour shots.

The Photography

Campbell Creative also took the time to capture both the product and the veterans around the campus in the form of still photos for future marketing assets and social media. From workouts, to breakout sessions, we captured C4 in it's natural state around UHP in a variety of postures.


Campbell Creative delivered multiple assets in both long form (storytelling) and short form (social media clips). The feedback from both parties, UHP and C4 was extremely positive as we combined the use of a product while also telling the genuine story of impact by the generosity of C4. Overall, a wonderful final deliverable for multi-use across social platforms and online advertising.