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Booth Building and Design is a luxury custom home builder in Northwest Arkansas. They have been featured in national publications and awarded numerous times for their craftsmanship and quality work. Their area of specialty includes home $1M and above in total build cost.


The Website

Interior design is a huge part of any custom home. From selecting the finishes to the complimentary paints, every detail matters. Thus, interior design impacted our decision making from the start. From a design perspective, we knew that the website experience needed to feel and look extremely clean and modern. Most importantly, we envisioned a design that modeled class, sophistication, and luxury. Inspiration from this website came from the inside of luxury vehicles, high end hotels, and the walk down 5th avenue in New York City. In addition, we wanted lots of bold images across every scroll and the feel of an overwhelming display of attention to detail.

The Messaging

When getting to know Ben Booth and his team, it was clear that their mission was to build only the best... even if that took longer than expected. Their pursuit of quality above everything was contagious and apparent from the start. We knew that when writing the website copy that the language needed to reflect this approach. We began with a half-day session of asking the Booth team questions about their process, quality, and customer journey to help outline their entire build process from start to finish. When a lot of custom home builders leave their clients in the dark, Booth does the opposite, leading you on a careful path and escorting you through every design decision along the way. The website outlined this entire build process and brought clarity to one of the most important life decisions someone can make, building their dream home! 

The Photography

In addition to a new website and messaging strategy, Campbell Creative took specialized real estate photos of all of Booth Building & Designs most recent home projects. From drone to wide angle interior design shots, we captured a variety of homes across Northwest Arkansas as well as portraits of their entire team.


After working with Campbell Creative, Booth Building and Design was able to catapult their marketing to the forefront of the Northwest Arkansas custom home building industry. Feedback from their new website was incredibly positive and has resulted in new business that was determined because of the clarity of message and the display of work on the website.