Caleb Hoenshell


Caleb Hoenshell is a Northwest Arkansas based Director of Photography and Gaffer who loves making film visions come to life. After graduating Summa Cum Laude from John Brown University’s Digital Cinema program in the fall of 2017, Caleb immediately began working on films and freelance projects like TV shows, short films, commercials and documentaries. Since then, he has worked as a Gaffer and/or Cinematographer on commercials for companies like Walmart, Betty Crocker, Dish Network, HGTV, Sam’s Club, General Mills, Disney and many more. Additionally, Caleb has excelled at gaffing for feature films, functioning as a direct assistant to many amazing cinematographers and lighting each scene to be the most eye popping that it can be. Being familiar with all major camera brands and specifications, and possessing expertise with all industry standard lighting fixtures and equipment, Caleb is passionate and capable of achieving a desired story-telling vision within a scene, commercial or movie. Lastly, Caleb is a highly motivated individual that exemplifies a highly professional attitude on any set that he is blessed to be a part of. He is confident that his past and present experiences enable him to be both an encouraging and highly efficient coworker.

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