Video Marketing: The highest ROI for your business in 2021

AUG 21, 2020
Sean Campbell

COVID-19 has hit a lot of business hard. Layoffs were inevitable. And many companies have had to cut back on their budgets, especially marketing budgets.

But for those who were already virtual, it was just business as usual.

As many have learned, video has now quickly become a high expectation for most businesses and their marketing in 2021.

Video marketing is here to stay.

Whether it’s zoom meetings, live streaming events, or filming important announcements, video is no longer an after-thought for marketing.

In the words of the Mandalorian, “THIS IS THE WAY.”


After a year that was driven by online video, we’ve learned a lot.

Here are a few mind blowing stats!

  • In 2021, it’s estimated that the average internet user will spend 100 minutes watching online videos daily.

And the stats go on! Video is growing businesses. When you do video, you hit your audience well, your business grows and your marketing dollars have more ROI. Plain and simple.


You have to make a decision on buying a $5000 product. Let’s say it’s a physical product that’s crucial to your business or home life. Would you rather have a word document, a brochure, a website, or a video to make your decision?

Most people would choose video! Why? Because the sales pitch is easier to understand via video.

  • It’s concise if done right, but still enough time to learn about a product or service.
  • It is visually stimulating and keeps your attention.
  • It’s more than just words. It’s sights, sounds, and feelings.
  • It’s easy to digest and yet allows you to get the details.
  • It elevates the quality of your brand/product if done correctly.

So many people don’t realize it, but they make their buying decisions based on looks. Not just what the facts say. This is why video is so effective. It’s more than a look. Video can be an experience.


  1. Internet users love shorter videos. The sweet spot for a video is 2 minutes. Stats say that more than 60% of viewers will stop watching a video after the 2 minute mark.
  1. Use Social Media to your advantage. Using video on social media will have the most ROI because this is where your consumers and clients hang out. If you’re going to do video, social media is where the video will have the most impact. Seems obvious right?
  1. Mobile friendly video is a must. 48% of millennials are watching videos exclusively on smartphones and tablets. Let’s make sure your video is compatible with those devices! Does your video and graphics look good on a smaller screen?
  1. Send a simple message. A great video should have 1-3 simple takeaways for the audience. Keep it basic and easy. Don’t try to over-do it. Simple is best if you want to be remembered.
  1. Leverage video with an ad budget. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just produce a great video and then post it online. Adding an ad budget and targeting your audience via social media is crucial for ROI.
  1. Be authentic. Don’t let the pitch take over the video. Video is about making a real connection with the audience. They want to know you care and you’re trustworthy first. Then they’ll listen to your offer.