The 4 Most Common Video Marketing Methods in 2023

AUG 21, 2020
Sean Campbell

In the world of marketing, it’s no secret that video content has become essential in delivering an effective message to your target audience. From short form social videos to longer educational videos, the need for a variety of video content is huge in 2023. Not only does it provide a greater ROI than other forms of online advertising, but it also gives you an opportunity to reach a wider audience, create engagement with your brand or product, and build trust among customers. As technology evolves and consumers become more digitally-savvy, so too does their need for visually engaging content like videos.

In 2023, marketers will have to continue blazing new trails with video content if they want to stay ahead of their competition. Over the years, we’ve seen companies leverage expertly crafted videos for a variety of purposes: informing target customers about their product or service offerings, showcasing past successes and demonstrating industry expertise through educational tutorials. The true power of video lies in its ability to capture user attention quickly while also creating long-lasting impressions — plus, it's just plain fun! Don’t get left behind – learn how you can take advantage of meaningful visual storytelling today and make sure your business is prepared for success in 2023.

Social Media Stories

Social media stories are becoming a new way to drive buzz and engagement with your audience in a short, first person perspective, and fun-filled format. With most stories being 15-30 seconds, people have adopted this personalized experience because of its lighthearted, easy to consume content. Marketers are using these quick story videos to tell short stories in an immersive environment that allows for a simple and fast message - easy to digest in a short time span. Social media stories allow for filters, background music, captions, and other fun effects that can be edited in just seconds. Not only do stories allow for fast turnaround, but very fast consumable content. Brands who want to stay relevant need to get used to pushing out this lighthearted type of content with a more unpolished approach. Did we also mention this format is portrait styled? 

Cinematic Storytelling

Another trend that is growing amongst brands is cinematic storytelling. This high-quality video content is able to directly engage viewers and spark emotion in a way that viewers appreciate. While sometimes a little more expensive than other video production types, cinematic production can bring seemingly ordinary footage to life, creating an entertaining, highly engaging and inspiring viewing experience. Common trends among cinematic video includes dynamic music and sound design, slow motion with high frame rates, beautiful color design and correction, and a compelling voice over or story. In many ways, corporate storytelling as evolved into more of a documentary-style video but with the look and feel of a movie you would watch on the big screen. Many brands are turning away from cheap low quality content and realizing the return of a well produced, highly executed video with creative flair, emotional undertones to deliver a thought provoking messaging.  No matter the purpose of your video content, it's essential that it is produced with clear intent, precision and top-notch creativity - as much as film-makers focus on these elements when creating unforgettable cinematic masterpieces - in order for your brand’s message to shine through!

Educational Videos

Educational or "how to" video style is another growing avenue for marketers. Educational video content that is fun, lighthearted and helpful can offer a lot of wisdom. Popular examples of this are the YouTube videos that cover hacks, tips, tricks, and "how to." Educational videos provide viewers with valuable knowledge and insights while being engaging and enjoyable. By making information accessible in a positive and fun way, educational video content encourages viewers to engage with the material as well as practice their cognitive skills. With this type of content, tips, hacks and tricks are no longer difficult or tedious - instead they become an exciting journey of discovery that helps build up everyday knowledge. "Giving away" this helpful information in video form not only makes brands look generous, but also established their voice as experts and credible on their industry. Educational videos provide something for everyone on any skill level, making them invaluable for people who want to continue learning in an interesting, effective way.

Testimonials or Success Stories

Testimonials or success stories are hugely powerful tools that can generate amazing results. Through sharing the journey of getting to a win, videos can inspire and motivate people to undertake actions that could lead to a positive outcome. Testimonial videos put a face and story to otherwise bland facts and figures, creating an emotive and engaging atmosphere that captures the viewers' attention. Different types of testimonial videos – such as product reviews or customer experiences stories – can be used to showcase the many different ways in which products, services and companies have made a positive difference in people's lives. Additionally, these first-person accounts of a success build credibility and trust with potential customers. By watching these heartfelt stories from a source other than the brand (or creator of the product or provider of service) we are able to connect with their successes and envision our own positive results. Testimonial videos humanize the user experience, conveying a sense of empathy, reliability and trustworthiness from us as viewers.

Start your Video Pre-Production

If you want to have an impact with video, it is important to consider the type of videos that will resonate most with your target audience. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat all favor videos that are short and sweet, while YouTube and Facebook tends to prefer longer form, polished content. And sometimes a variety of videos are necessary to have an impact on social media. And when it comes to educational content, people are looking for informative videos that share tips, hacks and tricks. No matter what kind of business you have, there is a place for video storytelling that highlights positive results. And if you need some help on strategizing for your next video project, we're here to help. Start with a pre-production consultation and we can help you walk through the message, platforms, costs, and more!