Growing Your Business Through Social Media

AUG 21, 2020
Sean Campbell

Every business is faced with the same problem... how do we engage our customers online and on social media? So you keep trying to engage your customers. You spend lots of time and money trying to grow your social media but it doesn't lead to more customers or more revenue. It doesn't have to be this way!

Here are four easy ways to help you structure your social media and grow your audience online!


Here are a few examples of what great social media goals look like. "We want to increase the amount of people that follow our social pages. We want to increase the amount of engagement (clicks, click through rate, video views, etc.). We want to increase our revenue by receiving more leads, phone calls, emails, and orders for our services/product."

Without goals, you don't have priorities. Ultimately, if lead generation or potential sales isn't your goals, then your social media is somewhat aimless. HOWEVER, at the same time, if your social media is nothing but a sales pitch you'll burn your audience out and there won't be an authentic relationship with your customers. It will be purely transactional. So there must be a balance. (We'll get into more details below.)


Additionally, you need to be able to measure your goals and numbers. You need to measure your ROAS (return on ad spend), how many clicks it takes to get a phone call or email, and how much time your potential customers are spending on your website. If you're selling a product, you need to know how your customer behaves and what drives them to convert. What prompts your customer to take further actions towards a sale? Your lead generation scoreboard is paying attention to these things and getting these numbers as efficient as possible. If you truly look at your marketing as an investment, then you need to track the return that you're getting.

You also need to make adjustments to improve your scores. This means looking at reports and analyzing your numbers. So for example, if your customers click on your ads but then don't spend a lot of time on your website, you need to figure out the cause. Does your homepage not communicate clearly enough? Is there too much text and not enough images? Are you using video? Is there a lack of information that your potential customers are looking for? Are you missing clear call to actions?

This all matters in the game of conversion and lead generation. Too many businesses waste money on marketing because they don't measure their success, test their marketing initiatives, and take action to improve their performance.


A common mistake is that many businesses make is that they try to send too many messages to their audience. Ideally, you should be able to pull 8-10 social posts and get the same core messages. The best social media accounts have a clear message and they are consistent in giving you value (free tips, fun content, simple text and design).

Clear and simple messaging will earn trust with your customer and teach them how you can help them faster. Clear messaging means that anyone can easily repeat what you're saying. If someone can't repeat your message (how you can help them), then it's too much content or too confusing.

A good clear message on social looks like this. 1. We know the problem you have. 2. We can solve your problem by doing XYZ. 3. If you'd like your problem to be solved, here's how to engage with us. BOOM. Problem, Solution, Call to Action. This is clear and concise messaging that your customer will remember.


Your social media needs to be outwardly focused. Too many businesses make their social media about their history, experience, awards, and reputation. Instead, your social media needs to serve the customer. Focus on your customers and what matters to them.

Your customer needs to be the hero. You are the guide. Your job is to help them complete their mission and alleviate their pain.

So much of social media is providing valuable content. If you're trying to connect with the customer and tell them how you're going to make their life better, START by making their life better ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Give a quick tip, show your customers how to implement this, and then invite them to engage if they need more help. Free helpful content will earn your customer loyalty. Give them a taste of how you're a great guide that helps them solve their problems and they will hire you!


The 80/20 rule is really simple. 80% of the time, your content needs to be outwardly focused, giving way free tips, serving your customers needs, having fun, building a base of entertainment and informative posts. The other 20% can be inwardly focused with simple call to actions, ways to engage you or hire your services, or perhaps even why your company is good at what you do.


Overselling your product or services will turn your customers off to your message and your role as their guide. If the customer feels like you're more interested in making money off them rather than helping them, your audience will run! They must feel like you're authentically trying to improve their lives as opposed to taking their money and running.